Programs & Projects

“Education remains our strongest tool against injustice, and I hope you will take pride in the contributions you have made to ensuring our children can think bigger and set their sights higher.”     

Barack Obama

44th President of the United States of America, 101st Birthday Congratulatory Letter

On February 24, 2010, Sarah Moore Greene watched as pupils of a Knoxville school named in her honor filed into the gym to commemorate her centennial birthday. “They are the hope of the world,” she said, as black and white youngsters at the elementary school took seats on bleachers and on the wooden floor. “It is up to adults to train and build up children,” the retired kindergarten teacher and principal said. “If you make a child think you are interested in them, it changes their outlook,” Greene said. That training is what she spent her life doing and fighting for. She hopes other educators continue that work.

The Sarah Moore Greene Foundation in collaboration with its partners and Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy (SMGMA) support the following list of PRESENT AND FUTURE programs and projects for underachieving children.

PRESENT (Existing SMGMA programs and projects supported by SMG Foundation)

  • Academics– Tutoring
  • Music– Band, Orchestra
  • Dance– West African, Ballet, Tap
  • Ethics/Character– Etiquette Club, Girls on the Run
  • Sports– Soccer, Chess
  • Event Planning– SMGMA Annual Legends & Legacy Leadership Showcase
  • Leadership– Student Leaders, Student Ambassadors, Student Lighthouse Team

FUTURE (Proposed programs and projects supported by SMG Foundation…to be explored, evaluated and developed as models to be expanded/shared)

  • Event Planning – SMG FOUNDATION Annual Legends & Legacy Fundraising Campaign
  • Alliance Building– Partnerships Relations (Local, Regional, National & International)
  • ChangeMakers – Ashoka Youth Changemakers –All Young People Must be Changemakers (Model)
  • Faith & Education – Leaders Institute for Faith & Education (LIFE) – (Model)
  • Global Literacy Initiative – Lakefield College School, Ontario, Canada (Model)
  • Religious Literacy Initiative – Harvard Divinity School/Religious Literacy Project (Model)