Honoring Ms. Greene’s Legacy

Highly accomplished and esteemed educator, civil rights advocate, and revered community leader.

Born to former slaves in Madisonville, Tennessee on February 22, 1910, Sarah Moore Greene lived and served through two world wars and an era of insidious segregation until her passing on August 15, 2012 in Knoxville, Tennessee at the age of 102.

Sarah Moore Greene was one of the most influential black women in East Tennessee history. She worked tirelessly to instill a will to learn and a positive attitude in her students. Her legacy continues today in past, present and future students and staff of at Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy the school that bears her name.

Near the end of her life, Ms. Greene said she had no regrets. She was gratified she was able to see some results of her life’s work: kindergarten students who grew up to become community leaders; the integration of Knoxville’s businesses; and improved education for children.

“I feel like someday – it may not be in my lifetime – that all prejudices will be wiped away, ” Greene states. “Hopefully, younger people will pick up where I left off.” 

In her Last Will & Testament, Ms. Greene directed that all of her worldly possessions be sold and the Sarah Moore Greene Foundation be established to provide funding for underachieving children programs.